Let Us Be Your Voice

We understand that as free trade zone opertors, there are various concerns and interests that you or your organization wish to convey to the government or cordinating authorities . However, it seems difficult to convey your interest and concerns to the governing bodies due to certain bureaucratic blocks and other issues.

We are here to bridge that gap and provide a platform to conveniently convey your concerns and interests to the the government.

We interact closely with government agencies whose services are critical to the optimal operations within the free zones.

Join us and we guarantee that we are the most assured medium to get your messages accross.


Connect with global and local chains

Building a solid network with other businesses is extremely critical to the survival and growth of your business.

As the umbrella association of all economic zone operators in Nigeria, we provide a platform for you to connect with a network of local supply chains spanning over 6 geo-political zones, 200 operators and stakeholders.

We can also connect you the global supply chain, bringing the global business economy to your doorstep

Learning and knowledge sharing

Learn from industry giants

Our platform consists of captains of industries and business leaders of thought and practice. Join us as we introduce to you tested knowledge of tools and insights on how to grow your business as an operator and rare knowledge of the industry, through our quarterly newsletter and regular events.

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