Membership Benefits

Joining the NEZ Association is a powerful way to connect with the free zone industry in Nigeria, expand your network, and access valuable resources and benefits that will support your success. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our community.

Regular access to NEPZA management and other relevant government agencies.

Intermediary between members and government agencies for documentation
and conflict resolution.

Availability as a conduit through which specific member needs are addressed as and when required.

Up to date and regular information on all issues affecting zone operations.

Promotion of member’s business interests through various communication channels.

Members will have free online access to the Associations Quarterly Newsletter.

Membership Plans

We’re thrilled to offer membership subscription plans for the Nigerian Economic Zones Association (NEZ Association). Membership offers exclusive access to our network of free zone/special economic zone operators and their relevant stakeholders in Nigeria, as well as a range of benefits designed to support your success.

Associate Membership

This category of membership shall be open to any of the following


No Annual Fee
  • Any Ministry or agency of a Ministry responsible for the development of FTZ/SEZ, investment promotion, and industrial development
  • Authorities in charge of the regulation and management of FTZ/SEZ
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Active Members – Category B

This category of membership shall be open to any of the following


₦250 000.00 Annual Fee
  • Must be any public or private entity licensed with NEPZA, whose main activity consists in carrying out services within or for the benefit of Free Trade and Special Economic Zones based in Nigeria.
  • It must have already performed services for the zone on the day of the application and is up to date with all fees to NEPZA.
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Active Members – Category A

This category of membership shall be open to any of the following


₦1,000,000 Annual Fee
  • Must be a licensed zone operator with NEPZA and is up to date in the payment of all fees to NEPZA.
  • This category of members will have full voting rights
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