Nigerian Economic Zones Association - Who We Are

"a common platform for interaction amongst free zone/special economic zone operators"

The Nigerian Economic Zones Association (NEZ Association) was established on the 17th of September 2020 with the main objective of providing a common platform for interaction amongst free zone/special economic zone operators and their relevant stakeholders in Nigeria.

The concept was birthed following several consultations with free zone operators, the current NEPZA management, and other stakeholders, where a consensus was reached on the need for a common platform and voice through which all matters relating to effective zone operations are handled.

The association seeks to speak with one voice towards the protection of investments whilst deepening the understanding of the free zone concept in the development of Nigeria in line with the Federal Government’s vision of ensuring industries within the free zones is competitive and profitable for foreign direct investment, job creation, and technology transfer.

Our Mandate

"Created for your best interest"

Serve as a forum for engagement of all relevant stakeholders related to the operations of members to ensure prompt and seamless delivery of activities within each zone.

Act as a lobby to drive the reviews of all policies and legal frameworks related to free zone operations.

Conduct advocacy in support of the business interests of members.

Interact closely with government agencies whose services are critical to the optimal operations within the free zones.

Serve as a repository of information for guidance for prospective operators and enterprises.

Facilitate the creation of synergies between members aimed at improving the economic and technological development of the free zones and Nigeria as a whole.

Provide a platform for members for issue identification, issue resolution and feedback.

Represent the interests of members against 3rd parties as the need arises.

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